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Personal Bankers Jobs vs Member Service Rep Positions

People often wonder what the difference is between personal banker jobs vs member service rep positions. While the two are essentially counterpart positions in very similar financial institutions—banks and credit unions—they also have important differences that applicants should consider before investing themselves in a position.

Banks and Credit Unions: What’s the Difference?

When discussing anything to do with banks and credit unions, one topic must be covered before all else: how the two differ from one another.

In many ways, they are very similar. From the outside, most banks and credit unions look very much alike. The situation isn’t much different from the inside. Many credit unions and banks have the same variety of staffing positions, such as tellers, mortgage professionals, and administrative employees. And both bank customers and credit union members use debit cards, may take out loans, and use online banking services, for example.

The real difference between the two is that banks are for-profit enterprises that may operate on a national level, and credit onions are smaller entities that focus on improving services for just their members. Credit unions may also be local or national. Another important thing to note is that every member of a credit union is also an owner.

In essence, credit unions are financial cooperatives, and while credit unions are far more widespread than they’ve been in years past, they’re never as large as the biggest multinational banks. This is primarily because membership is restricted in credit unions, whether by location or by profession.

Personal Banker Jobs vs. Member Service Rep Positions: A Contrast

With this background in mind, the similarities and differences between personal banker jobs vs member service rep positions become apparent. When comparing the two positions, it helps to consider the similarities first. In both instances, interpersonal skills are a must: primary duties involve interacting with customers at banks and members at credit unions, whether it’s assisting customers with all facets of checking accounts or helping members with their shares.

Both positions also have an eye for the community, assisting with a variety of banking services that community members need, such as loans or even mortgage services. Yet where they most clearly differ goes back to the primary purpose of banks and credit unions: when it comes to personal banker jobs vs member service rep positions, member service representatives are primarily focused on maximizing credit union services, whereas personal bankers place emphasis on various bank products being offered.

At the end of the day, helping those who enter the building is the common goal of both positions.



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