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It’s Never Been Easier To Apply For Bank Jobs

If an applicant is interested in working in the financial sector, they’re in luck because there’s never been a better time to apply for bank jobs. There are a variety of positions available for qualified job seekers, and staffing agencies can help connect qualified applicants with viable, up-to- date positions. Companies throughout the financial industry are expanding at a rapid rate. In turn, every level of the industry seems to be hiring. And with the addition of new banks and credit unions each year, the need for talented help is only growing. And the best part is that job seekers don’t have to pound the pavement. Agencies like FiStaff are able to help match qualified applicants with positions available in a number of financial institutions.

Why Apply for Bank Jobs?

Jobs within the financial industry come in a wide variety of types. These positions are tailored to an array of skill sets. They range from customer service positions to tech openings, and from administrative positions to design roles. In turn, qualified job seekers find themselves with a much larger variety of options than they imagined.

Staffing Categories

Job openings in the industry generally falls into five wide categories: lobby staff, administrative and clerical, backroom operations, accounting and finance, and mortgage specialists. These positions are further divided into subcategories.

* Lobby Staff

Lobby staff are in many ways on the frontline of customer (or, in the case of credit unions, member) interaction. Positions included in the lobby staff category include tellers, loan secretaries, assistant branch managers, member service representatives, loan officers, teller supervisors, financial service representatives, branch managers, and lobby operations managers.

* Administrative and Clerical

Administrative and clerical positions handle and process core data for everyday financial organization operations. Positions within this category include data entry clerk, file clerks, mail room positions, scanning and imaging clerks, administrative assistants, receptionists, executive assistants, loan processing associates, and loan documentation officers.

* Backroom Operations

Positions in the backroom operations category work in the area of support but do not deal with clients in person (client-facing). Positions in this category include call center representatives, item processing and imaging associates, deposit operations officers, treasury management associates, quality control representatives, reconcilement and balancing agents, loan accounting associates, and loan processing representatives.

* Accounting and Finance

Positions in accounting and finance are in a sense the heart of the financial industry. These include certified public accountants, degreed accountants, accounts payable, accounts receivable, controllers, payroll specialists, general ledger reconciliation specialists, trust accounting agents, financial analysts, credit analysts, and credit and collection specialists.

* Mortgage Specialists

The fifth and final category is mortgage specialists. As the name implies, this category is entirely dedicated to all aspects of mortgage handling. Positions in this category include executive assistants, administrative assistants, loan processing agents, title examiners, underwriters, loan document coordinators, loan document closers, loan processors, mortgage loan underwriters, mortgage loan processors, mortgage coordinators, and loan underwriters. It’s never been easier to find the financial industry position of one’s dreams. Contact the experts at FiStaff to discuss the possibilities for your future.



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