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Finding Bank Career Opportunities Using A Staffing Agency

There’s no time to waste in advancing one’s bank career opportunities are knocking. It’s been close to ten years now since the financial crisis of 2008. As the economy continues to bounce back from this time of chaos and uncertainty, banks and financial institutions are hiring finance experts to fill positions in just about every branch.

Working with a staffing agency, especially one that specially caters to the financial industry, is the best way to navigate the job market and quickly secure the ideal position.

Choosing a Staffing Agency

 For recent graduates and those who are looking to re-enter the job market, finding a job means being visible to potential employers. As companies continue to expand their workforces, many will look to staffing agencies for help. According to the American Staffing Association, as many as 90% of businesses use staffing agencies to fill temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire positions.

Working with an agency will open many new bank career opportunities for those who take full advantage of the services offered. Recruiters helping to place employees in the financial sector help their clients gain all the necessary skills to be the most desirable candidates for the positions they aspire to with training and helpful resources.

Common Positions in the Banking Industry

As the financial industry swells, available positions in the banking sector include anything from front lobby staff to backroom operations to accountants and financial specialists. Some of the areas in which a professional recruiter can help place job seekers are:

  • Lobby staff – People in this position are the public face of the branch and include tellers and loan officers, up to branch and operation managers. These staff members are working with customers and should have strong interpersonal skills as well as financial knowledge.
  • Administrative and clerical staff – Those in these positions maintain the daily operations and tasks required of financial institutions. These jobs include data entry, filing clerks, receptionists and administrative assistants.
  • Backroom operations – These positions require knowledgeable, number-savvy people with strong systemizing skills. This is inclusive of all ‘behind-the-scenes’ positions like account managers, loan processing, call center representatives, and deposit operations.
  • Accounting and finance experts – These professionals are employed as certified public accountants (CPAs), bookkeepers, payroll specialists, credit analysts and financial analysts. People with financial expertise are attractive applicants for a wide range of placements in accounting and finance departments.
  • Mortgage specialists – These specialists are a crucial part of the financial sector as the mortgage and banking industries heavily influence each other. Positions in the mortgage industry alone include everything from administrative assistants to loan officers to default specialists and compliance analysts.

There are new bank career opportunities being created in all corners of the industry all the time. Professional recruiters have their fingers right on the pulse of the market and understand what companies look for in their candidates. Working with one of these agencies can help anybody looking for employment opportunities, either short or long-term, to increase their attractiveness to potential employers and expand their network.



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