As technology has evolved, the available methods for finding employment have increased exponentially, and those looking for a position with an accounting firm should choose an employment agency that specializes in the financial industry. Gone are the days of searching the classifieds for open positions and walking into an office to submit a resume. A simple search online can reveal a variety of job boards, social networks, and message boards, all which serve as a possible route to employment for qualified candidates. Yet many people looking for jobs in accounting turn to an employment agency for help in finding them the ideal position. With all of the tools and sites available online, why are professionals utilizing these agencies? Below are just some of the reasons for this.

Personal Attention

Applying for a job online can be extremely impersonal, not to mention tedious and frustrating. When those looking for employment in accounting use an employment agency to find work, they are connecting with recruiters whose jobs are focused on cultivating relationships. Not only are recruiters interested in maintaining relationships with companies, but also with the talent they place. The relationship a candidate has with their recruiter can be key to finding secure and meaningful work. For example, if an accountant has a great track record working through an agency as a temporary employee to a busy corporation during tax season, they are more likely to be considered for full-time, permanent positions that the recruiter is hired to fill later in the year. The recruiter is likely to remember that candidate and be aware that they are looking for a full-time position.

Free Help

Utilizing a specialized accounting or financial employment agency is free of charge. Agencies are paid by the companies that hire them to find quality candidates, so it is in their best interest to stock their well of candidates with as many skilled professionals as possible. Due to the fact that their success is dependent upon placing talent in these positions, job seekers are guaranteed that recruiters are working their hardest to find them a position.


It is no secret how large the world of finance and accounting is. An employment agency that specializes in financial recruitment helps to give job seekers a solid foundational network of companies with whom they can potentially find work. Often with decades in the business, recruiters can provide an instant connection for candidates which otherwise may take years to form. Some companies strictly hire through placement agencies to avoid the bombardment of unqualified candidates self-submitting via an online application. This means that candidates who use agencies are often exposed to opportunities that never hit the main job market.

Advice & Feedback

Cultivating a relationship with a recruiter can be beneficial to employees, as recruiters often give helpful advice and feedback to candidates who are not chosen for a position. When searching for a job, candidates rarely hear from employers as to why they did not get hired. A recruiter benefits when a candidate gets placed, so they want their talent to be hired. This means that they’re willing to go the extra mile to help candidates with interview skills and resume creation or formatting.

When searching for a position in accounting, an employment agency can be that extra step that truly makes the difference for a job seeker.

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